Statum Description

Statum is an industrial IoT (IIoT) system that provides real-time information on the position and status of your equipment or products in your buildings, construction sites, supply chain and distribution network. It is also possible to detect different statuses of your assets, such as vibration, temperature and other  information to avoid waste, breakdowns, theft and loss of time.

Implementation Procedure:


Low energy consumption tags installed on all elements you want to monitor<br /> (Beacon, RFID, NFC, custom tag)

Data Collecting Sensors

Various energy-saving Bluetooth sensors that collect accurate data. The sensors make it possible to collect information during a specific timeframe (log system)


Hubs connected (120V) and strategically positioned to record positions, data and statuses in order to transfer the information to a central system.

Central System

Central system that collects and processes raw data with machine learning and positioning algorithms. It is also possible to integrate a blockchain system for increased security. This system makes it possible to display understandable and relevant data on a simplified dashboard. It also allows for the synchronization of data from external sources, such as weather or data from freight carriers. The central system can accurately monitor data, in addition to being able to send commands in real time.

Mobile Application

An application for industrial and commercial use that facilitates logistics operations, in addition to marketing to consumers.


Automated data connection to an ERP, MES or your asset management system using a single computer robot.

Integrate Sensors

Tracking the movement of your important assets or products is useful for your operation. What if you could do more? What if you could monitor every aspect you need that is allowing you to make better decisions?

Here are the sensors we can add to your Statum system:

  • Position and movement on site
  • GPS location off site
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Shocks
  • Vision
  • Ambient light
  • Sound / Noise

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Business Cases

The system is directly linked with the organization’s ERP to facilitate management. In addition, affixing tags to the tools resulted in a reduction in thefts and losses.

Using GPS tags, Bluetooth tags, and temperature sensor, Statum is giving you the information of freshness during the supplying process. Information to be displayed on your Statum Dashboard or on your